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Our story began in 2017. Back then we were a small fashion production with only 5 peoples in our team.

Our Mission

To connecting Indonesian fashion designers to International market in New York City. There is notion to stay firm on the business, you have to be kind and patient. But we know there’s a better way to compete and grow. One where what’s good for me is also good for our clients. We believe business can grow with loyalty and succeed with TRUST. THAT’S WHY I’ve created a platform uniting Fashion, Arts, Education and Community to help small businesses in the fashion industry to grow better everyday.

Our Vision

Today we are privileged to connecting with many clients as Fashion designers, Media, Buyers, Bloggers in USA, Canada, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Japan, Philippines, Nigeria, Amsterdam, Milan, Belgium, Dubai, Sydney Australia.

Boat Show
Right in The Heart
of New York City